From Zero to Crore: Best Way of Investing | Samosa Portfolio Tip #1: Equity Mutual Funds

From Zero to Crore: Best Way of Investing


Tired of letting your hard-earned rupees waste away in meager savings accounts when inflation keeps skyrocketing faster than chai prices? Well grab a samosay and plug in those earphones, because I’m going to leak the inside scoop on legit places to invest that debt and make your money work for you! 


We’re talking returns way better than the 5% Nani hoards in fixed deposits. Imagine actually retiring before your grandkids do! These smart stashes outlined below can transform depreciating cash into an expanding asset empire…if you use them right.

Samosa Portfolio Tip #1: Equity Mutual Funds  


Maybe you’re an entrepreneur grinding long hours selling sarees online. Or an IT engineer coding software that helps Uncles share Whatsapp forwards full time. Wherever your paycheck comes from, letting pros bulk invest those earnings across stocks offers passive prosperity potential. 


Through equity mutual funds on apps like Groww and Kuvera, fund managers pool money from tons of investors to buy hundreds of shares spanning multiple sectors and large to small companies. This instant diversification reduces risk while returns averaging 12-15% yearly compounded create serious wealth over 20+ years. 


Set monthly automated deposits, reinvest dividends, and watch your money flourish in equity funds’ balanced basket. Don’t jump for trendy ones with hot short term runs. Stick to reliable names like ICICI, Axis, Kotak etc targeting steady long term gains. Equities skillfully tap India’s booming companies to multiply your money.

Samosa Portfolio Tip #2: PPF and VPF  


Maybe adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster markets seem scary AF. And you don’t feel like researching what the heck an IPO even means. No problem! Try guaranteed return safe havens backed by Modi Ji himself. 


Enter Public Provident Fund and Voluntary Provident Fund. Through IndiaPost or NetBanking, you can deposit up to ₹1.5 Lakhs yearly in PPF earning ~7% locked returns for 15 years. VPF lets you add more through EPFO up to how much your employer deducts for you monthly.  


These schemes provide ironclad assurance your money will grow faster than Appa’s paunch, no matter what chaos strikes markets. Making regular deposits trains the disciplined saving habits that enable investing success anyway. When other assets zig zag, PPF/VPF keep accelerating like a train on tracks. 

Samosa Portfolio Tip #3: Rental Property  


What if partying could build your wealth? By renting out apartments or PG rooms, your properties can fund their own mortgages while supplementing income! Rental demand today is hotter than freshly fried onion bhajiyas thanks to urbanization and jobs magnetizing youth to cities.  


Sites like NoBroker let you buy or post properties for rental within minutes. Pro tip: Seek homes near office hubs enjoying metro/road infrastructure upgrades. Tenant demand and thus rental rates will undoubtedly rise. And fantastic ROI awaits after selling the appreciated asset later and redeploying capital back into new properties!  


Sure beats letting expensive homes sit empty, right? Rental income diversifies cash flow while you leverage property booms. Your tenants basically pay you monthly while their money funds the mortgage so the asset becomes free! House hacking FTW!

Samosa Portfolio Tip #4: National Pension System  


Slow and steady might win races, but it loses badly against inflation. As expenses skyrocket, retirement funds now need fart propulsion straight out the savings gate!  Making it happen is NPS…or National Pension System.  


NPS offers equity exposure but with moderation. Mandating 40% bonds and 15% gold funds reduces risk. Equity cutoffs after age 50 also protect your money as you get older. Opening an NPS account is now super simple through apps like ICICIdirect, Groww and more. 


Retirement is a long way off but compound growth rewards early birds. Starting NPS with as little as ₹500 monthly in your 20s maximizes decades of rupee multiplication power! 

Samosa Portfolio Tip #5: Real Estate Investment Trusts


Dream of owning a swanky commercial building leased to mega FANG-type companies, but don’t have crores lying around? REITs make it possible! Short for real estate investment trusts, REITs allow investors to own fractional parts of giant commercial properties.


So you can invest ₹15,000 for example and watch quarterly dividend payments roll in from a portfolio of office towers, malls and more spanning India’s biggest cities. No hassles either — a professional fund manager handles everything from tenant onboarding to maintenance. 


Through platforms like Groww and Paytm Money, REITS make commercial real estate investing easy with liquidity, steady dividends, and wealth growth as quality properties appreciate over time.


Alright hustlers, that’s a wrap! Whether you want set-it-and-forget stability, hands-off growth or just some chill side income, these diverse options empower savings in legit ways Uncle Ji would approve. If something sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Modern investment apps make getting started just a few clicks away.  


So grab those samosas and let’s get that money working hard instead of just sitting lazy! 


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