How To Earn Money With The Help Of Ads Network Or Other Source

How To Earn Money With The Help Of Ads Network Or Other Sourc


Hello guys, here we are, today i am going to explain you or tell you how you can Earn money with the help of google adsense, google admanager, meta, facebook ads, media .net.


There are many source available in market thorugh which you can earn money,

I think you all are thinking about how can you start, what you have to do, how much time you have to give, is i have to invest money, or is i have to need high configure systems ( laptop, mobile, mac ).


Take it easy buddy, you dont have to think that much, you just have to take your phone in your hand and that’s it.

Now, I am going to tell you, How you can earn with the help of this article,

  • Step 1 :- Take you Open chrome browser in your phone or laptop, for mac  ( use safari ), else you can use any browser you want, any browser which give you comfort.
  • Step 2:- Search Google blog ( ).
  • Step 3:- Now just sign-up with google blogger.
  • Step 4:- After this fill some information, what they want you to fill.
  • Step 5:- In Domain option you can also buy new domain from domain registrar, or you have other option, google blogger will also provide you free domain with the name of ( ).
  • Step 6:- After this you have to create pages like :- about-us, contact-us, privacy and policy, terms and condition and disclaimer.
  • Step 7:- Now you have to write you own content,

Length:- Minimum word ( 300 to As much you want )

Content should be unique

Content should be follow all the  rules of google policy.

Content should be under 18+ ( most recommended ).

Minimum 28 post should be there.

  • Step 8:- After published 28 post or more than that, now you have to create google adsesne account for the google adsense approval for you website, you enable you earning process.
  • Step 9:- Search on google ( google adsense account create ), click on the first link you will find on google page.
  • Step 10:- Now fill the details.
  • Step 11:- Now visit, visit on earing section, in earning section you will see, connect with adsense, click on the that button ( connect with adsense ).
  • Step 12:- After this step you domain ( means you blogger domain will connect with the google adsense  ).
  • Step 13:- Now you just have to wait and also you have to post new content in your blogger account, so that when adsense crawal reach to your account they will now, website owner working so hard, and their contents are original, so that they will find you authentic and real and verified.
  • Step 14:- If google find your content original and unique, and your websites followed all the rules, then google will provide you approval ( your website will get monetization ( means that your website is now eligible for Showing ads on website, by showing ads on you website, You will start earning )
  • Step 15:- Now you just have to post real and original content in your website so that goolge will never create any issue with your google adsense account.
  • Step 16:- After 10 dollar comes to your account, you are eligible for the address verification ( in address verification google will send you 6 digit code on your home addresss ( which you will provide in your address ).
  • Step 17:- Before address verification, you have to verify you PAN card with your google adsense account.
  • Step 18:- After address verification, in payment section, you are eligible to add your bank account.
  • Step 19:- Please be carefull at a time of filling bank account details, fill with all the correct details, if you want payment in your account.
  • Step 20:- Now we are on that stage from you don’t have to do any other things, except post, just create post on trending topic and post it.

What you have learned in this article:-

  1. how to create blogger account.
  2. how to make google adsense account.
  3. how to fill details.
  4. how to add payment options.
  5. how verify google adsense pin code.

That’s all guys, now you can start earning by following all these steps.

If you want to increase traffic on you website, you have to do SEO  ( Search Engine Optimisation ). It will help you to rank you website on top, so that you can get more traffic and with more traffic you will earn more money also. Also index you site with google search console, or google kit, it will index your site or you site post, so tht your post are eligible for google search ( means that you post will come on google search ).


All these information will help you to create you website and earn with google adsense, and fill you pocket with money, dollar, rupees, what ever you say.


I hope you guys enjoy this article and able to understand what i wanna to say to you, and one more thing, right now you are reading this post, and may be you see some ads, with the help of these ads, i earned some money, dollar or rupees, you can say.


Lets End this article and thank you so much for your visit on this website, have you good day.

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