Diversities In India | Religious diversity | Caste Diversity 2024

Diversities In India      

Religious diversity

India is a land of diversities and variations and it experiences various kinds of traditions, customs and faith in all different parts of the country.

Several parts of the country are constituted with various people following different religions and faith.

India is considered as the most secular nation of the world and people with all faiths, customs and religions and come live and preach their religion among the people of India.

Our country India acts as a home to most of the major religions of the world and people follow their faiths with utmost freedom and liberty.

The major portion of the population of India follows Hinduism and practice it in every form of their life.

Other than Hinduism the major religions followed in India are Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

While the Hindus are in major proportions but every religion has the Fundamental Right to profess their religion and no boundations or restrictions are imposed on them or they are not refrained from practicing their religion.

A person also has the right to interchange their religion into anything they want or like and no restrictions are imposed or pressurized in any conditions such.

This religious diversity has given birth to a great amount of tolerance, understanding and cooperation among the people of India.

This religious diversity is very unique and interesting in its own ways and hence has a special place in the world forum.

Linguistic Diversity

Along with the religious diversity comes the linguistic diversity that is diversity in the languages spoken and practiced within the territory of India.

Many languages are spoken all over the country and people follow and speak any language they want or is there mother tongue and no discrimination what so ever can be done on the basis of religion.

Majority of the languages that are spoken in India are either the Dravidian Language or the Indo-Aryan languages which constitute 20% and 75% respectively.

India is the second country with the greatest number of languages that are being spoken and is behind only Papua New Guinea.

All in all, India is a home to a total of 121 languages that are spoken and practiced within the country.

Caste Diversity

The history of India is acclaimed to be the reason for the division of people on the basis of such numerous numbers of castes.

Dating back to the era of the Aryans the caste system had came into practice dividing the people into 4 varnas and people could practice the work assigned to each varna only and no one was allowed to change or shift to other varnas.

Following this the present India also experiences a variety of castes practiced in India especially in the Hindu religion. Both varna and Jati are prevalent in the country in the present times.

Although there is no discrimination against any caste but the reservation factor is still in practice till date and every government or private institutions are bound to give reservations to the weaker castes.

Cultural Diversity

With the inclusion of diversity in religion, language, caste and many more the inclusion of diversity in cultures has become a very obvious thing.

This is because the various diversities demand the diversions in the cultures as every other religion follows some set of rules or we can say beliefs that they follow and hence every religion has to be differently cultured and hence people from different religions follow a different culture all together and hence result in the diversity of cultures.

Geographic Diversity

With a total land area of 3.28 million square kilometres India is a very big country with several geographic features at different places.

Some places are near to shore of sea and experience beaches and maritime climate while the areas far away from the seas experience continental climate.

The hills are having a very cold climate while the desserts in Rajasthan are hot and humid throughout the year.

Hence, with all these India is a land of diversities and this in itself is a very big achievement for all Indians and with All these many diversities we are still united in every other aspect.

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