What sorts of liposuction and liposculpture are there? – INFINITY SKULL What sorts of liposuction and liposculpture are there? – INFINITY SKULL

What sorts of liposuction and liposculpture are there?

What sorts of liposuction and liposculpture are there?


It’s the extraction of extra physique fats via suction utilizing particular surgical toolsUsually, the surgical procedure is carried out by a plastic surgeon.


Liposuction is a kind of beauty surgical procedure. This surgical procedure removes extra fats to enhance physique look and easy out irregular physique contours. This process is typically referred to as physique contouring.

Liposuction can be utilized to reshape the areas underneath the chin, neck, cheekbones, higher arms, breasts, stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles.

This can be a surgical process that has dangers and may contain a painful restoration. Liposuction can have critical issues or in uncommon instances deadly. So it is best to think twice concerning the choice to have this surgical procedure.

What are the sorts of liposculpture and liposuction?

Many occasions the sufferers within the session ask us

What number of sorts of liposuction are there?

Presently, there are 4 various kinds of liposculpture and liposuction potential:

  • tumescent liposuction and its variants, corresponding to Aqualipo or Physique-Jet,
  • the super-wet method during which the amount of native anesthesia is half that used within the tumescent,
  • Ultrasound-assisted or Vaser liposuction,
  • and laser-assisted liposuction.

Cannulas utilized in liposuction-liposculpture

dry liposuction

Beauty surgical procedure that extracts fats by dry liposuction was the primary of the totally different methods.

Though dry liposuction is the oldest method, introducing the cannula by small incisions within the space to extract the fats has stayed the identical.

It started to be developed in Paris within the Seventies and marked the beginning of the method and the invention of its prospects for physique contouring surgical procedure.

However it introduced many issues since, at the moment, the cannulas devised had been of a giant caliber, measuring a centimeter roughly thick, which prompted holes and pores and skin depressions within the postoperative outcomes.

Nor had been the tissues infiltrated with vasoconstrictor fluid as now. Shortly after beginning liposuction, the bleeding distorted the tissues a lot that it was powerful to calculate the fats to be eliminated.

This blood loss additionally tremendously restricted the liposuction that could possibly be carried out by not exsanguinating the affected person.

tumescent liposuction

It’s the system we use immediately; It consists of the infiltration earlier than liposuction in all tissues of an anesthetic and vasoconstrictive combination.

We use the Klein resolution that’s fashioned by:

Aspiration of fats by the cannula

Klein’s resolution:

  • 1000cc of Lactated Ringers.
  • Lidocaine 10 cc at 2%.
  • Adrenaline 1 ml.
  • 75cc of Bicarbonate 1/6 molar.

This resolution is infiltrated at a decrease room temperature, making certain that the chilly helps in vasoconstriction.

One should be very cautious to not induce hypothermia within the affected person, even whether it is gentle since they later have some discomfort because of the sensation of chilly and chills.

With this resolution, we infiltrate at a ratio of 1:1 within the areas of the physique that we want to liposuction.

If we’ve calculated an extra of about 400 ccs of fats in an space, we should use roughly the identical quantity of anesthetic liquid to extract it.

That is typically not simple and varies tremendously relying on the surgeon’s expertise.

  • As soon as the infiltration is finished, we proceed by cannulas to take away the fats from the realm we would like.

This course of should be carried out following a selected order to create a three-dimensional lattice that permits fats extraction to be carried out uniformly.

  • We’ll begin with average caliber cannulas, 4 mm in diameter within the deep layer, by a minimum of two entry factors whose trajectories intersect at roughly 90 levels.
  • As we get nearer to the pores and skin, we are going to use finer cannulas, 3 mm in diameter and even 2 mm. The latter is in additional delicate components of the physique, or we search extra important scar retraction, such because the chin, neck, and different physique areas.
  • All through the method, putting the alternative hand flat on the realm to be liposuctioned, we fastidiously management the trajectory and depth of the tip of the identical.
  • Periodically we should interrupt the aspiration to carry out what we all know by its time period in English as a “pinch check ” that consists of pinching to see the thickness of the layer of fats we’re leaving.
  • As soon as the specified result’s obtained, we suture the entry factors with five-zero monofilament to get an optimum scar (more often than not invisible), and we place the girdle or liposuction garment that we’ve designed.

Physique-Jet liposuction: water jet or hydroliposuction

Dr. Moltó is a specialist in Physique-Jet liposuction surgical procedure, which we carry out utilizing a tool that emits a jet of pressurized water on the finish of a cannula.

This jet would break down the fatty tissue, and in a subsequent maneuver, a suction system would eradicate water and fats cells.

This technique, which the medical neighborhood has but to just accept broadly, has the potential benefit that extracting extra localized fats can be much less traumatic for the extracted cells. As well as, this permits later use to graft them as filler materials, for instance, to carry out a buttock augmentation with its fats.

It additionally presents extra benefits of much less bleeding and fewer restoration time for the affected person.

Liposuction and laser liposculpture

Photograph: http://aestheticmt.com/cannulas.htm Laser liposuction: the lipo laser

With trendy fiber optic methods, it’s potential to make a laser circulate inside a wonderful fiber optic cannula, which may take away fats when inserted into the physique.

How do we all know that we burn fats and never every little thing else inside our our bodies?

The laser has a really specific manner of appearing; relying on the frequency of its wavelength, it goes by some molecules as in the event that they had been clear and heats others, that are the particulargoalof every laser.

Thus, the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser pulverizes the epidermal cells with out variations; there are different lasers with totally different wavelengths that concentrate on pores and skin spots or tattoos; others solely warmth, and due to this fact destroy the molecules of hemoglobin, which can be useful to eradicate extremely vascularized constructions corresponding to angiomas… and so forth.

The lipo laser is a laser that has a wavelength that destroys substances which have the identical refractoriness as fats.

In different phrases, though it might seem to be a miracle, it may warmth and destroy solely fats, leaving intact blood vessels, nerves, or different constructions inside us.

Is that this precisely the case?

Effectively, should you take note of industrial homes, sure.

  • The fact is that it should be dealt with with nice warning as a result of many constructions, corresponding to nerves, even have fats on their partitions, as it’s a part of their pure composition, and due to this fact this sort of laser can harm them.
  • As well as, as a consequence of proximity, the warmth that radiates inside causes the neighboring constructions to warmth up in the identical manner in order that, as a consequence of proximity, we will harm them.
  • Due to this fact, utilizing these lasers requires lots of expertise and whole management of the power that we program in every quadrant, along with a meticulous strategy of uniform and well-programmed passes.
  • As soon as we’ve made the laser go inside the realm, we’ve to deal with it, and we should take away the quantity of liquefied fats utilizing standard liposuction.

What advantages does the laser present within the liposuction method?

Not as many because the industrial homes would have us consider.

  • No examine corroborates that the restoration of those sufferers is healthier than that of tumescent liposuction with the wonderful cannula.
  • Not even the earliest restoration. What’s extra, in some circumstances, the harm we will trigger to helpful constructions, corresponding to superficial sensory nerves, ought to contraindicate its use.

Thus, we’re agency defenders of laser liposuction in areas such because the stomach in postpartum girls with some flaccidity who don’t need one other kind of cosmetic surgery.

On the identical time, we will see a particular contour modification within the jowls, though the skinny pores and skin may cause burns that find yourself externalizing. Though it has by no means occurred to us, they’re within the scientific literature.

What’s the basis on which lipo lasers are based mostly?

It’s thought that heating near the deep dermis would generate an inflammatory response that would create the synthesis of collagen within the type of a scar, in the identical manner, that pores and skin burns trigger huge spots which might be very wealthy in collagen.

Defenders of standard liposuction argue that the wonderful cannulas they use, by perforating the dermis in all instructionsgenerate an much more important quantity of collagen and, extra virtually, the order in area within the path the surgeon needs. So it provides superior anti-sagging traction to the uncontrolled scar from the laser.

We’ve got obtained good outcomes with each methods, so we use them interchangeably relying on the realm to be handled or the affected person’s needs, as reported.

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VASER or high-definition ultrasonic liposuction

One other method is ultrasonic liposuction, the primary to look related to a tool that applied the harmful energy of the cannula.

It has a mechanism of motion similar to lipo laser; solely right hereultrasound is the power supply that destroys tissue on the cannula’s tip.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction makes use of a a lot larger frequency than the human ear can understand and has such power that it destroys tissue.


In the identical manner {that a} high-pitched sound may cause a glass object to blow upultrasound can generate a fats cell to burst.

  • Like laser liposuction, the method includes introducing the cannula that emits an ultrasound beam at its finish to interrupt the fats globules and makes a number of passes by the realm whereas we destroy the adipocytes.
  • After that, as in laser liposuction, it’s essential to carry out standard liposuction to take away all cell particles and adipocytes which were half destroyed.
  • It’s normally related to a extra exceptional capacity to sculpt physique contours, some of the used methods for stomach marking.

What’s the mechanism of motion argued by those that defend this system?

The mechanism of motion is that cell harm to fibroblasts within the deep layer of the dermis causes it to react with collagen synthesis that may act like lipo laser as a pores and skin tightener, stopping a rise within the sagging.

Why isn’t it one in all our favourite methods?

Just like the lipo laser, a extreme examine has but to be achieved, other than these supplied and made by industrial homes, which accredits a superior goal end result.

As well as, ultrasound liposuction not has a mechanism of motion as selective because the laser, which solely burns fats; the ultrasound damages all of the tissues it touches; due to this fact, within the arms of an inexperienced surgeon, or an oversight, they are often broken very important organs, fascias, nerves or different constructions.

What kind of liposuction is finest?

Vaser liposuction, which makes use of ultrasonic power to interrupt up adipocytes, or fats cells, is commonly mentioned to stay essentially the most superior and efficient liposuction. The sort of liposuction assaults fats cells with out touching the encircling tissue.

In our clinic, we don’t use ultrasound liposuction as a result of no critical examine has been achieved, other than these supplied to you and made by the industrial homes themselves, accrediting a superior goal end result.

As well as, ultrasound liposuction not has a mechanism of motion as selective because the laser, which solely burns fats; the ultrasound damages all of the tissues it touches; due to this fact, within the arms of an inexperienced surgeon, or an oversight, they are often broken very important organs, fascias, nerves or different constructions.

What’s the best type of liposuction?

The best type of liposuction and the most typical in Spain is tumescent liposuction, Aqualipo, or Physique-Jet, which is more practical, safer, and fewer painful than conventional liposuction and has a a lot simpler restoration in much less time.

What are the variations between “traditional liposuction” and laser liposculpture?

traditional” liposuction includes extra trauma and bleeding because the eliminated fats deposits are handled by a cannula.

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