PUBG update: what’s happening in PlayerUnknown’s Milestones

PUBG update: what’s happening in PlayerUnknown’s Milestones

The most recent PUBG update keeps taking up arms against Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, PC, and versatile


We’re actually seeing PUBG refreshes five years on. PlayerUnknown’s Milestones (or PUBG and PUBG: Landmarks) led the prevalence of fight royale games, turning into a breakout hit that roused endless contenders,.

While many have moved onto Fortnite and Zenith Legends, PUBG stays perhaps of the most played game on Steam and Xbox Live. Not at all like its opponents, PUBG is a recreation centered undertaking, with genuine weapons and physical science to consider, for example, projectile drop and variable weather patterns.

On the off chance that you’ve been switched off by Fortnite’s colorful craftsmanship style or the persistently quick interactivity of Extraordinary mission at hand: Disaster area, PUBG is certainly worth a go – it’s likewise on Xbox Game Pass. Since its fleeting ascent from a Steam Early Access title to accomplishing the most noteworthy simultaneous player depend on Steam back in 2018, PUBG has advanced toward numerous different stages.

PUBG likewise gets standard updates, adding new happy, highlights and – maybe fairly typically – a lot of fixes for irritating bugs. The present moment, we’re in season 19of positioned play, and here’s beginning and end you want to be aware of this most recent PUBG update.

PUBG Update: quit wasting time
What’s going on here? Season 19 of PUBG
When might I at any point play it? Accessible at this point
What Could I at any point play it on? PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, iOS, Android

What is PUBG? Indeed, on the off chance that you’ve at any point watched the religion hit film Fight Royale, you ought to grasp the fundamental thought. 100 players drop onto a remote location and immediately search for plunder. You’ll have to find reinforcement, weapons and mending things, then take the necessary steps to get by until you’re the lone survivor.

To make things seriously intriguing, you’ll need to move to a continually contracting zone that haphazardly shows up on the guide, through land, air or ocean. In the event that you get found out beyond the zone, you’ll progressively take harm, which increments decisively as the game advances. Expert tip: don’t get found out external the zone.


Would it be advisable for you figure out how to get by until the end, you’ll see the sought after “champ victor chicken supper” state show up on screen. Furthermore, because of the mind-boggling chances stacked against you during each match, you’ll likely need to screen capture it as they don’t come around regularly – which makes them taste all the better.

Regardless of the game presently being accessible on various stages, PUBG keeps on advancing with the expansion of new guides, survivor passes and modes for players to appreciate. We’ll show you what’s going on, why it is important, and what’s anticipated the fate of PlayerUnknown’s Landmarks.

PUBG season 19 of positioned rivalry went live on August 9, 2022, and it’s accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Android and iOS.

PUBG versatile offers every one of the guides and highlights that players have come to appreciate. You can expect things like auto get, point help and touchscreen controls and other portable advancements. Tragically however, PUGB doesn’t uphold cross-stage movement between stages, so you can’t simply change everything in the middle between. Nonetheless, Xbox and PlayStation players can in any case play online together on account of cross-play.

Seasons will more often than not run for over two months, however the specific date for another season is never uncovered until half a month earlier. Accordingly, we’d anticipate that season 19 should end around mid-October, and we’ll keep you refreshed once we know more.

While there’s no declaration trailers for PUBG season 19 of positioned play, PUBG Studios has delivered a few recordings by means of YouTube(opens in new tab), exhibiting what’s in store. Update 19.2, which you can see beneath, acquainted a few new updates with Deston and new skins.

Before that, we had Fix Report 19.1, which uncovered another weapon, new vehicle, and new stuff. That was illustrated in the video underneath:

Bar UPDATE: Guides

Season 19 doesn’t add an enormous sum yet Season 18 made a couple of guide changes in all cases.

Update 18.1 saw Sanhok back in Group Deathmatch mode, while Paramo got refreshed with new marks of cover. Erangel’s gone through adjusting for the thing produce rate. In any case, Mirimar’s seeing some personal satisfaction enhancements in update 18.2, which incorporates smoother landscape for driving.

Notwithstanding, the genuine star is Deston, PUBG’s most recent guide. Playable in TPP and FPP, it’ll be a highlighted map that considers Solo, Pairs, Crews, close by Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode. As framed on the authority PUBG website(opens in new tab), Deston marks the biggest PUBG map yet and guarantees a different arrangement of biomes.

“From puzzling underground labs to monstrous high rises to swampland to metros to submerged structures – we’re taking a gander at a wide range of areas to excite and challenge survivors in our generally different and investigation centered Milestone yet,” the engineers made sense of by means of YouTube(opens in new tab).

Deston sent off for PC players on July 13, 2022 as a component of the 18.2 update. Notwithstanding, assuming you’re playing PUBG on consoles, that rather shown up on July 27.


There’s relatively few occasions of note in Season 19, nor is there much to report with regards to new modes in Season 19 of positioned play.

PUBG Studios’ principal center has been adding Deston and adjusting changes, while Sanhok gets back to Group Deathmatch. There’s likewise a lot more modest changes in accordance with Preparing Mode, man-made intelligence Preparing Match, Arcade Mode, and Custom Matches. Nonetheless, PUBG Studios has taken out the Crew – FPP line for positioned play on consoles in NA and EU.

To look at the most recent changes, you can investigate the authority update 19.2 fix notes(opens in new tab).

PUBG season 19 update has shown up, bringing some extended fix takes note of that make sense of all that you want to be aware. The present moment, we’re on PUBG update 19.2 and it’s quite significant that at whatever point another season comes in, PUBG Studios generally add the “.1” to the name. Thus, on the off chance that you’re contemplating whether you’ve missed a Season 19.0 update, dread not.

We’ve had the full update 19.1 authority fix notes(opens in new tab) since the finish of May, and the season delivered seven days after the fact on PC. Nonetheless, this has since been supplanted with Update 19.2. You can find the full update 19.2 authority fix notes(opens in new tab) here.

No live help game is finished without another Fight Pass, and that is precisely exact thing PUBG season 19 brings.


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Referred to in PUBG as a "Survivor Pass", this follows the typical movement recipe. You'll finish in-game missions and procure levels, opening new superficial things and prizes. As of now, we're on the Crafter Pass: McLaren as a feature of the September 2022 Store update, based around the popular vehicle maker.

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